Vikan Mixer w/Holes, Metal Detectable, Ø31mm

SKU: 28/D70142
Designed for stirring food ingredients in large pots and vats, Vikan's Mixer w/Holes, Metal Detectable, Ø31mm, fully-moulded,  features a small blade and a long handle.  Small holes allow ingredients to pass through the stirrer blade and ease stirring. Metal detection can be confirmed using a Vikan test kit, product no. 28/11113.
  • Long handle with hanger
  • Stirrer blade with holes allows ingredients to pass for easy stirring
  • Single piece moulding in solid polypropylene for easy-clean
  • Available in 5 colours: Green, Blue, Red, White, Yellow
  • Metal detectable and X-ray visible
Technical Information
Dimensions Ø31mm, 1200mm
Material Polypropylene; Metal & X-Ray detectable additive
Temperature (°C): 121
Product Code 28/D7014+
Metal/X-ray Detectable Yes