BST Detecta-Eco Pens, Nickle Nib, 50 Pack

SKU: 57/ECO212RB
Featuring a nickel-plated nib, BST’s Eco DetectaPen’s unique ‘non-roll’ hexagonal design with just 2 detectable components (pen body and ink cartridge) makes it one of the best detectable eco-pen options available. Moulded from an advanced polypropylene based compound and optimised for metal and X-ray detection, this beautifully simple nickle nib Eco Pen is ideal for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Nickel-nib detectable Eco Pen with or without clip (nickel-plated nib also available)
  • Solid brass ink cartridge with 1mm st-steel writing ball for smooth, smudge-free writing
  • Silver ion antibacterial technology; effective against harmful bacteria and mould including (but not limited to) EColi, MRSA and Salmonella
  • Available with or without a clip; both options are fully-moulded as a single component to reduce the risk of contamination
  • Metal detectable and X-ray visible
  • Choice of blue, black, red or green ink with high visibility blue body in packs of 50

Pen Options: 
Black Ink\, With Clip, Blue Ink\, With Clip, Red Body\, Red Ink\, With Clip,
Black Ink\, Without Clip, Blue Ink\, Without Clip, Red Body\, Red Ink\, Without Clip

Technical Information Detecta-Eco Pens, Nickle Nib

Product Code: 57/ECO2__CL
Pack Size:  50
Metal & X-ray Detectable: Yes
FDA Approved: Yes
EU Approved: Yes