BST Detectable Paddle with Holes, 1190 mm

SKU: 57/HD803
Designed to make stirring easier and more effective with a long ergonomic handle and hole-aerated paddle, BST’s Detectable Paddle with Holes in 1190mm length has a wide temperature range that makes it equally suitable for use in frozen goods and high-heat production environments.
  • Suitable for temperatures -30°C +80°C
  • 1190mm length with long handle and grip
  • Stirrer blade with holes allows ingredients to pass for easy stirring
  • Single piece moulding in solid polypropylene for easy-clean
  • Metal detectable and X-ray visible

Technical Information BST Detectable Paddle with Holes

Dimensions 125mm x 290mm x 1190mm
Material PP
Temperature (°C) -30°C +80°C
Product Code 57/HD803
Metal/X-ray Detectable YES