BST Detectable Boning Knife

SKU: 57/KN47510D3
Manufactured in the historic home of the knife industry, Sheffield, England, BST’s Detectable Boning Knife combines a stainless-steel blade and XDETECT handle to create one of the highest-quality detectable food grade knives on the market today. Available with a choice customisable handle colours with a serrated or standard blade, this detectable boning knife is a preferred choice for meat handling and food processing applications.
  • High quality detectable food grade knife, 6” /15cm or 7” /18cm blade
  • Fully-hardened, tempered stainless steel blade
  • Handle insert moulded from BST XDETECT
  • Formulated to withstand dishwasher use
  • Blue handle for high visibility
  • Metal detectable and X-ray visible

Technical Information  BST Detectable Boning Knife

Product Code
- 57/KN47510D3 – 6” /15cm Plain
- 57/KN47511D3 – 7” /18cm Plain
Metal Detectable YES
X-Ray Detectable YES
Colour Blue
Handle FDA & EU Approved Yes