Detectable Fish Safety Knife, Heavy Duty

SKU: 57/F200M3
Ideally suited for cutting packaging paper, shrink wrap and plastic strapping, BST's Heavy Duty Detectable Fish Safety Knife uses a highly-effective blade technology to ensure safe and easy management of packaging with an additional rear hook-blade for cutting through packaging tape, string netting and cardboard.
  • Highly effective for the toughest packaging applications
  • Large stainless-steel blade concealed for operator safety
  • Rear hook blade with retractable guard
  • Metal detectable glass-filled nylon
  • Metal detectable polypropylene rear blade guard
  • Stainless-steel blades
  • Bright blue for high visibility
  • Metal detectable and X-ray visible

Technical information  BST Heavy Duty Detectable Fish Safety Knife

Product Code: 57/F200M3
Metal & X-ray Detectable: Yes
FDA Approved: Yes
EU Approved: Yes