Detectable Heat Sealing Machine Tape, 30 m

Formulated from a Teflon-glass fabric metal-detectable material, BST’s Detectable Heat Sealing Machine Tape on a 30m roll is a high-grade MDT Teflon tape for sealing machines and features a silicone adhesive that allows easy heat-sealing and uninterrupted product movement. With a slippery surface providing clearance in chutes that transport foods or drugs, this Heat Package Sealer’s Tape protects against falling into a poly-bag or package…and is easily identified by a metal detector if it does.
  • Silicone adhesive formulation suitable to heat-seal against
  • Metal detectable
  • Custom widths of 25mm, 40mm, 50mm, and 60mm are available upon request.

Technical information BST Detectable Heat Sealing Machine Tape

Product Code 57/MDHST
Metal Detectable Yes
Dimensions 75mm x 30m
Operating Temperature -73 TO +260°c
Thickness 160 microns (inc. backing)
Materials Silicone