BST Detectable Pocket Calculator

Made almost entirely from metal and x-ray detectable components, BST's Detectable Pocket Calculator is the most comprehensively detectable plastic calculator for food production areas available on the market today. Designed for food safety from the outset with minimal germ traps, this high-visibility calculator is made even safer by a built-in stainless-steel safety lanyard and a clever design with no need to disassemble for battery changing.
  • Streamlined to minimise germ traps
  • Detectable food grade casing and buttons
  • Large display and buttons
  • Blue casing for easy visual verification
  • Metal and X-ray detectable polypropylene casing
  • Potentially metal detectable internal circuitry and wiring
  • Metal detectable food grade silicone keypad

Technical Information for  BST's Detectable Pocket Calculator

Product Code 57/POCKETCALC
Metal and X-ray Detectable Yes
Food Grade Casing Yes