Detectable Pouring Jug, 2 litre

SKU: 57/HD482

Specifically developed for easy pouring, with room to spare to limit spillage, BST’s large capacity, 2 litre Detectable Pouring Jug is colour-coded for easy identification and features central markings for accurate measuring

  • Tall 2 litre design for easy pouring with room to spare
  • Stackable Pouring Jug
  • Ergonomic design for ease of storage and transport
  • Made from a specially formulated antimicrobial food safe compound in 5 colours
  • Easy-to-read centrally positioned increment ladder
  • Available in 5 colours; green, blue, red, white, yellow
  • Metal detectable

Technical Information BST Detectable Pouring

Product Code 57/HD48+
Metal Detectable Yes
Dimensions 175mm x 240mm x 150mm