Detectable Safety Knife, Pack of 10

SKU: 57/B700M3
With a unique cutting mechanism designed to cut through cardboard and plastic strapping, BST’s Detectable Safety Knife uses a mix of metal detectable and X-ray visible materials to help prevent contamination and a highly-effective blade technology to ensure safe and easy management of packaging.
  • Effective for cutting cardboard, plus plastic strapping at a 45° angle
  • Hooked and straight blade, safely concealed behind an auto retracting detectable guard
  • Metal detectable glass-filled nylon, body, turn-key and retracting guard
  • Stainless-steel springs and straight blade
  • Carbon-steel hook blade
  • Both blades are easily replaced by unlocking the case using the release turn key
  • Metal detectable and X-ray visible
Technical information
Product Code 57/B700M3
Metal & X-ray Detectable: Yes
FDA Approved: Yes
EU Approved: Yes