Detectable Tie ID Tag, Pack 25

Manufactured from BST XDETECT®, our Detectable Tie ID Tags are specifically developed with high levels of shatter and snap resistance to address concerns of contamination in the food industry. Suitable for a variety of applications including the tagging of machinery and other assets, these Machinery ID tags are available in 6 colours to integrate into your factory colour scheme and assist with HACCP process and BRC compliance.
  • Designed for use with BST Detectable Permanent Markers
  • Self-fastening tag
  • 2 variable closure slots
  • 4 sized fastening notches
  • Highly flexible, shatter and snap resistant
  • Available in 6 stock colours; Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Black in packs of 25
  • Metal detectable and X-ray visible
Technical information
Product Code 57/AMXTAGD+
Dimensions Overall length 255mm
Tag size 84mm x 60mm
1.5mm thick
Metal & X-ray Detectable Yes