Detectable Touchscreen Stylus Pen, Pack of 10


Compatible with resistive touchscreens common on PDA devices used in many factories,medical and logistic environments, BST's ECO PDA DetectaPen is a great value metal detectable PDA stylus pen. With just two separate components and a fully-moulded clip, this detectable accessory is the first choice in workplaces where minimising contamination is a priority.

  • Not compatible with capacitive touchscreens reliant on human touch; such as smart phones
  • Compatible with resistive touchscreens common on workplace PDA devices
  • Comprises just 2 components; pen body and nib
  • Bright blue for easy visual verification
  • Metal detectable and X-ray visible
  • Pack of 10
Technical Information
Product Code 57/ECOPDA
Pack Size 10
Metal and X-ray Detectable Yes