BST Detecta-Wipe Drywipe Marker Pen, Whiteboard Marker Pen, Pack of 10

SKU: 57/MDW4
Specially formulated for use on whiteboards and other glossy surfaces, BST Detecta-Wipe Drywipe Marker Pen has both body and cap moulded from the same metal and X-ray detectable high-density polyethylene in the same highly visible Blue. Featuring specially formulated Drywipe ink, this detectable whiteboard marker is available in 4 ink colours and can be wiped clean with a cloth, tissue or, most effectively, by our Detectable Whiteboard Eraser.
  • Designed for use on whiteboards and other glossy surfaces
  • Wipe clean with a cloth or tissue
  • Moulded from high-density polyethylene with a non-toxic metal detectable additive
  • Composed to be detected by correctly calibrated in-line metal detection systems
  • Blue body for easy visual verification
  • Metal detectable and X-ray visible
  • Choice of green, blue, red and black in packs of 10

Technical Information  BST Detecta-Wipe Drywipe Marker Pen

Pack Size 10
Product Code 57/MDW+
Metal & X-ray Detectable: Yes
FDA Approved: Yes
EU Approved: Yes