BST DetectaPen Detectable Pen, Fully Pressurised, Retractable, 10 Pack

SKU: 57/DP951B
Particularly appropriate for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries, BST‘s Fully Pressurised DetectaPen Detectable Pen copes with cold, damp and greasy environments with ease. At home in freezer rooms & chilled processing areas, this fully-pressurised pen will even write continuously upside down, underwater, on slippery surfaces, and in freezing conditions…even in space!
  • EU and FDA compliant
  • Fully-pressurised stainless-steel ink cartridge
  • Operating temperature range of -20°C to +5°C
  • 1mm ball point nib with an average write-out length of 8000m (EWIMA)
  • Silver ion antibacterial technology; effective against EColi, MRSA and Salmonella
  • Blue body for easy visual verification
  • Metal detectable and X-ray visible
  • Choice of black and blue ink in packs of 10

Technical Information

Product Code 57/DP95+
Pack Size 10
Metal & X-ray Detectable: Yes
FDA Approved: Yes
EU Approved: Yes