Insert for Asset Tag, Ladder Safety, Pack of 10

Designed for use with our BST’s Asset Management Tag Holders, this specialist ladder safety tag insert is a simple tool for recording daily wear-and-tear, and as part of a longer-term risk assessment program. Standard printed with an inspection record on one side and checklist information on the other, these inserts for asset tags can also be made to order. To learn more about Bespoke Detectable labels follow the link here: <>.
  • 2-sided design recordable ladder inspection tag with date and signature on one side and Inspection checklist on the other
  • Easily removed to display the tag holder’s underlying message ‘Do not use this equipment’
  • Suitable for customisation
  • Pack of 10

Technical information
Product Code 57/AMD410TGN
Dimensions 181mmx50mmx0.5mm

Insert Specification:
Height: 181mm
Width: 50mm
Depth: 0.5mm
Material: Polypropylene