Metal Detectable Bag Buster Test Wands

SKU: 57/BBTW FE 2.0

These Ferrous Bag Busters Test Wands are manufactured from food safe plastic and come in a wide range of colours. Our standard size is 150MM x 12MM x 10MM. This design features a pointed tip for penetrating products. This test wand is normally used when the contaminate needs to be tested from inside the product.

  • Ferrous, Non Ferrous, Stainless Steel 316
  • High visibility colours for easy visual verification
  • Engraved with unique certificate number
  • Certification number to comply with QA and Audit requirements
  • Customisable with company or brand name
  • Metal detectable and X-ray visible

Technical information Metal Detectable Bag Buster Test Wands

Dimensions: 150mm x 12mm x 10mm
FDA Approved
Metal & X-ray Detectable Yes