Remco Detectable Bench Scraper

SKU: 22/6960MD2
Seamless design and high detectability make Remco’s Detectable Bench Scraper doubly effective. Highly efficient with a streamlined design that makes removing potential contaminants from benchtops quick and easy, this cost-effective scraper’s colour-coded options and metal detectable formulation help ensure it also never becomes a contaminant.
  • Single-piece bench scraper available in 4 colours, green, blue, red, white
  • Semi-ferrous additive allows for use with metal detectable systems
  • Lightweight and less costly alternative to stainless steel
  • Fully metal detectable and X-ray visible

Technical Information Remco Detectable Bench Scraper

Dimensions 210mm x 130mm
Material PP
Temperature (°C) -30°C +80°C
Product Code 22/6960MD
Metal/X-ray Detectable Yes