Remco Detectable Paddle without Holes, 1320mm

SKU: 22/6777MD5

A clever two-in-one tool, designed for both mixing and scraping, Remco’s Detectable Paddle without Holes in 1320mm length is ideal for a variety of applications; from soup to sauces, and dough to confectionery. Lightweight and less costly than similar stainless steel paddle scrapers, this detectable polypropylene item is even available in 3 colours to aid detectability and identification.

  • Long handle detectable paddle in 3 colours
  • Long handle with grip to for easy stirring and direction
  • Single piece moulding in solid polypropylene for easy-clean
  • Choice of 3 colours; green, red and white
  • Metal detectable and X-ray visible

Technical Information Remco Detectable Paddle without Holes

Dimensions L52
Material PP
Temperature (°C) -30°C +80°C
Product Code 22/6777MD
Metal/X-ray Detectable Yes